A DNA-data driven AI system for Food Sustainability and Traceability

Partners: Agroknow and Biocos Objective: Harness DNA data and advanced analytics to revolutionize the olive oil production process, ensuring it is more sustainable, transparent, and efficient. By integrating DNA-based traceability with comprehensive data analysis, this use case aims to support local producers, promote environmentally friendly practices, and enhance product quality. This approach not only benefits […]

Reimagining food services in hospitals and elderly care homes promoting health and sustainability

Partners: Intrasoft, University Medical Centre Maribor, Syreon Research Institute, GS1 Objective: Enhance patient health while simultaneously reducing food waste in hospitals and home care facilities through the deployment of a comprehensive monitoring system. This use case aims to integrate various data sources available within these healthcare settings, including inventory, environmental, supply chain, food waste, nutrition, […]

Food Sustainability insights for a healthy and climate neutral food chain

Partners: EV ILVO, GS1, Colruyt Group, Nijsen company, Palau BV Objective: This use case aims to bolster the resilience and sustainability of the food supply chain, while also fostering the transition to healthier, sustainable eating habits. It achieves this by aggregating and analyzing accurate, primary agricultural data, as well as incorporating diverse, unconventional data types. […]