Agroknow is an innovative company, based in Greece, which focuses on knowledge management and research on knowledge-intensive technology innovations for agriculture, food, and biodiversity. As Agroknow has an extensive experience in building services for the agricultural community, it supports organisations and people on how to address societal and environmental challenges using solutions that are informed and enhanced by high-quality data.

Role in FoodDataQuest:

  • Develop and monitor strategic plans for each use case, establishing clear objectives with KPIs aligned with SDGs, defining roles, tasks, and responsibilities of partners, and creating a data management plan. 
  • Deploy a governance framework for each use case to achieve a multi-actor innovation process in a real-life environment, ensuring a coherent approach between use cases. 
  • Promote knowledge exchange and collaboration between use cases through physical and online workshops, contributing to the development of a practical guide for future data-driven solutions in food systems. 
  • Engage in living co-design processes to improve the integrated framework of WP2 and inform the research of WP1, considering the sustainability of the entire food supply chain. 
  • Analyse and distil insights and impact from regional use cases into recommendations to validate and improve the WP2 framework.