Foodscale Hub

Foodscale Hub (FSH) is an impact venture studio that targets Agri-FoodTech founders – in all parts of the agrifood value chain, during every stage of their journey. FSH leads in capacity building and business support, internationalisation and access to finance, communication, go-to-market strategies, and business model innovation, and the design and development of international R+D projects, such as Horizon Europe or industrial projects.

In a bold commitment to economic, environmental, and social sustainability, Foodscale Hub simultaneously acts as a market maker and product innovator for new and novel food products that are both healthy and less damaging to the environment. In order to have an extensive impact, FSH brings key players to the table, such as farmers, technology entrepreneurs, policymakers, and consumers, effectively involving the most vulnerable actors in the food value chain. With its expertise, FSH supports food innovation, creativity, and digital transformation, providing solutions to sustainably grow food brands. Food systems are the key to social resilience and that’s why joining ambitious initiatives to secure food sovereignty in Europe will always be one of FSH’s goals.

FSH services include:
• Incubation & acceleration activities.
• Capacity building & skill development.
• Piloting, end-user engagement, collaborative co-creation.
• Access to finance, open call management.
• Dissemination, communication, ecosystem building.
• Exploitation, business modelling, IP.

Role in FoodDataQuest:

  • Identifying underperformance causes and potential areas for improvement in the agrifood system.
    Analysing data exchange and governance across the agrifood value chain to enhance industry performance.
  • Developing a scalable model based on data interoperability across agrifood sectors.
    Facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration through workshops and contributions to the knowledge platform.
  • Establishing synergies with other EU-funded projects and initiatives to enhance data-driven solutions in food sustainability.
  • Developing a comprehensive sustainability plan, including market research, a multi-stakeholder business model, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management.
  • Creating a roadmap for sustaining the FoodDataQuest exploitable results, aiming for wide adoption and bringing technologies to market readiness.