UKMC Slovenia

University Medical Centre Maribor is a public healthcare institution in northeastern region of Slovenia, providing secondary and tertiary healthcare services. With a staff of 3,654 members, including around 700 doctors and 2,200 healthcare workers, the center attends to the healthcare needs of Maribor and the surrounding area, serving approximately 800,000 people. It operates 1,096 beds with a hospital bed occupancy rate of 79.3%, ensuring timely care for patients. The center functions as a teaching hospital, offering educational opportunities for medical students from various institutions. Collaboration with local educational establishments fosters the growth of future healthcare professionals. It participates in many internal, national, and international projects, including those under the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programs. Through its dedication to patient care, education, research, and innovation, the centre plays a vital role in advancing healthcare standards and promoting community well-being with the objective to:

  • Set priorities regarding the specifications in national pathology.
  • Achieve high-quality medical procedures and scientific projects.
  • Introduce new methods of treatment and diagnosis.
  • Develop Geriatric Medicine.
  • Cooperate with neighboring hospitals and scientific institutions in Slovenia and Central Europe.
  • Prepare the Clinical Centre Maribor to become a center of excellence.
  • Gain recognition all across Europe. 
  • Address global challenges and contribute to EU’s objectives.

Role in FoodDataQuest:

  • Supplying data for framework development.
  • Collaborating on the design process.
  • Executing and validating use cases within our institution.
  • Providing data from use cases to enhance the framework.
  • Promoting and disseminating the results and project.