As a family-run business in the feed industry, Nijsen is a niche with about 120 employees. In addition to the production of traditional animal feed, the organization’s strength lies in its knowledge and experience in processing a wide variety of former foodstuffs. As such, Nijsen sets itself apart from other large cooperatives in the market.

Being the only compound feed manufacturer in the Netherlands, Nijsen company has been processing former foodstuffs such as bread, sweets, and biscuits into unique circular (pig) feed for over 30 years. Annually, Nijsen processes and returns over 100,000 tonnes of former foodstuff to the food cycle as high-quality pig feed. In other words, Nijsen utilizes its own short chains – Food for Feed for Food (FFF):  former foodstuff from the food industry are processed into high-quality animal feed which returns as food, e.g. milk, eggs, and meat, for human consumption back into the chain. 

Using former foodstuff to feed animals means fewer hectares of feed cultivation, which therefore can be used for food crop cultivation instead. This strategy has gained attention as a means for improving long-term sustainability and enhancing the transition towards circular food systems by reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.