BioCoS is a Biotechnology and Bioinformatics company implementing end-to-end DNA traceability systems for the food sector, with a particular focus on the Olive Oil industry. BioCoS DNA data-driven traceability allows to trace each label back to the field, allowing companies to communicate to the consumer the authentic story of each bottle. Our value proposition of an olive oil company is the enhancement of the sustainability protocol at an economic, societal, and environmental level. Our mission is to valorize an ecosystem of stakeholders promoting a transparent and sustainable production of Olive Oil and to be actively involved in safeguarding agrobiodiversity by leveraging the value of DNA.

Role in FoodDataQuest: 

Create a DNA-data driven AI system for Olive Oil Sustainability and Traceability. Aim:

  • Valorise PDO/PGI & Organic Olive Oil.
  • Enhance transparency and standardize quality/integrity.
  • Optimize cultivation strategies to mitigate future challenges e.g., climatic changes.
  • Strengthen trust by providing consumers with production information.
  • Support local economies and reduce biodiversity loss by valorising local varieties and their produce.

Contribution to Integrated Framework

  • Define a set of principles and best practices for utilizing DNA data to inform and guide producer and consumer choices.
  • Determine relevant business models and governance mechanisms in food systems.
  • Identify challenges in DNA-based traceability protocols in food systems, propose solutions and establish a roadmap.