Copenhagen University (UCPH)

Copenhagen University (UCPH) is the largest university in the Nordics and has extensive experience in international research and innovation projects and study environment, earning high rankings on the foremost lists of the world’s best universities. Moreover, within the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management is the largest natural science research and educational institution in Denmark.

The UCPH project team consists of scholars engaged in Urban Food systems research. especially sustainable food system transformation. Specifically, the UCPH team:

  • Foster stronger ties between citizens and stakeholders within the food system to cultivate citizen-led research and data-driven solutions.
  • Strengthen the expertise in sustainable food transformation with diverse themes: reduction of food waste, adoption of plant-based diets, establishment of circular food systems, and promotion of healthier dietary preferences.
  • Engaging with young people and their families through schools as a platform in a participatory citizen engagement process; promoting food literacy and awareness with SDG-targeted learning; gaining valuable insights into their attitudes, preferences, and behaviors regarding sustainable food preferences.

Role in FoodDataQuest: 

  • Make a review of current policy and legal aspects regarding data sharing across the agri-food system across EU with a focus on selected use case scenarios to define key principles on: data protection and transparency & data sovereignty & responsible business and marketing practices;
  • Prepare a report on “the current policy and legal framework on the current level of data protection, transparency, data sovereignty and responsible business and marketing practices on the agri-food system data sharing for the EU”;
  • Assess and monitor Ethical, legal & societal aspects related to the project and ensure the project´s compliance with relevant regulations & laws at national & EU levels.