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As we pave the way towards a more sustainable and inclusive food system, we invite you to explore FoodDataQuest. Discover how data-driven innovation is not just shaping the future of food but is also laying the groundwork for healthier communities and a healthier planet.

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Empowering Sustainable Agri-Food Systems with Data

In the face of complex challenges within the agri-food industry—from environmental sustainability and food waste to public health and nutrition—FoodDataQuest emerges as a beacon of innovation. Our mission? To harness the transformative power of data, driving the industry towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and efficient future.

Revolutionizing Food Through Data

The journey of food from farm to table is fraught with inefficiencies and barriers, marked by imbalances in supply and consumption and a critical need for sustainability. At FoodDataQuest, we envision a world where data breaks down these barriers, fostering interoperability and insightful decision-making across the entire agri-food supply chain.

Innovative Solutions for a Healthier Tomorrow

Through groundbreaking data-driven solutions and an integrated framework, FoodDataQuest aims to reshape the EU food chain. By exploring new data sources and leveraging non-competitive data sharing, we’re not just predicting the future; we’re creating it. Our advanced AI and ML algorithms co-created with diverse stakeholders are setting the stage for sustainable, healthy diets within a fair and eco-friendly food system.

Engagement and Transparency at Our Core

Our commitment extends beyond technology. FoodDataQuest is about building a community—engaging citizens and stakeholders in a dialogue that values both transparency and the protection of sensitive data. It’s about demonstrating the tangible benefits of ethical and sustainable production practices, reducing waste, and promoting a healthier planet.

Use Cases

A DNA-data driven AI system for Food Sustainability and Traceability

Partners: Agroknow and Biocos Objective: Harness DNA data and advanced analytics to revolutionize the olive oil production process, ensuring it …

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Reimagining food services in hospitals and elderly care homes promoting health and sustainability

Partners: Intrasoft, University Medical Centre Maribor, Syreon Research Institute, GS1 Objective: Enhance patient health while simultaneously reducing food waste in …

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Food Sustainability insights for a healthy and climate neutral food chain

Partners: EV ILVO, GS1, Colruyt Group, Nijsen company, Palau BV Objective: This use case aims to bolster the resilience and …

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Enhancing Consumer Awareness of Sustainable Choices through High-Density Data-Driven Communication

Partners: WR, Tampere University, Palau Project The objective is to develop a system that recommends eco-friendly and healthy choices to …

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